Pelco IP & PTZ dome Camera Service
Pelco IP & PTZ Camera Service
Pelco Spectra camera repair
Pelco Spectra dome repair
Endura camera repair
  • Repair & upgrade on Pelco IP, PTZ dome cameras
  • Will inspect and replace all damaged plastic parts
  • Bench test all cameras for a minim of 24 hours
  • We offer full 6 months warranty on our camera repairs.

 Axis Communication PTZ Dome & IP Camera Service

  • We repair & upgrade all Axis IP & PTZ camera models
    including Q6032-E,Q6034-E, Q6035-E, Q6042-E, Q6044-E,
    Q6045-E, Q6052-E, Q6054-E, Q6055-E , P54, P55 & P56
  • Complete overhaul & upgrade with the latest software.
  • We warranty all of our camera repairs for full 6 months.
We have been servicing surveillance equipment for over 50 Years and we can service, upgrade and overhaul all the models of  Surveillance
cameras including the Analog, IP & PTZ dome camera models. We also repair & overhaul  Matrix units.
If needed we can expedite your repairs in 1 to 2 business days. We will provide rush service at no extra cost to our clients.
At PAGE TV we strive to deliver a superior level of service that exceeds the expectations of our customers.
Pelco Matrix & Controller Service
Pelco PTZ controler repair
Pelco Matrix repair Pelco controler repair
  • Repair on Pelco Matrix Switchers
  • Repair all Pelco PTZ Controllers
  • Repair all Pelco Matrix Switchers
  • We offer 6 months warranty on our repairs
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* IP, PTZ & Analog camera brands we repair and overhaul *
Axis Communications IP & PTZ camera, Pelco PTZ & IP camera, Bosch Autodome, GE/ Kalatel, Phillips
Autodome, Envirodome, Sony, Panasonic, Sensormatic, A/D Ultradome, Toshiba IP camera, Vicon
Surveyor, GANZ PTZ Camera, Vivotek IP camera, Acxiom, IQinVision